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Stephanie Escobar is convinced that, if she had lived previously, she likely would have been a persnickety old duchess of a grand estate, that had been far too large and bountiful for her to possibly enjoy in its entirety. She would have ridden gleaming-groomed horses across manicured lawns, taken bored walks through her many ornamental gardens, and had a lifetime-long affair with her far-more-interesting-and-handsome-than-her-Duke-of-a-husband stableboy—who may be the previous incarnation of the husband of her current lifetime (this is a joke they share). Somehow, she had been taken from such grandeur and found herself born into a less-than-glamorous modern life as the problematic daughter of a struggling single-mother, cursed with a strange aspiration to recall the fancies of a faraway life she vaguely remembers...and of dreams from places she knows only exist in the very cosmos of her subconscious.

Throughout her life, Stephanie has found that she best expresses her longing for these places and times through prose. Historical fiction, fantasy, and gothic tales all come naturally to her as though she had lived them…and perhaps she did.

Stephanie now finds herself at a loss for how to maintain a clean household without the aid of servants (or even a magic wand, if such a thing could have existed in her past lives), and finds solace wandering antique shops...and Target. She has finally married that stableboy she had rolled around in the hay with so many times when she had been a noblewoman—and now they, instead, roll around on the couch while Netflix prompts: are you still watching?. Together, they have a daughter who completes the puzzle of their perpetual love-story, giving their bond a sense of perfection. The three of them spend their days understanding this wonderful, albeit modern, world in a cold and misty lake country; never ceasing to dream, create, and explore together.

While living in the forest (off-the-grid) like a filthy peasant, Stephanie had written a 260,000-word fantasy epic, which she is currently querying. While querying, Stephanie impatiently released a gothic romance—a ghost love-story—A SONG BEYOND WALLS, which is now available. Stephanie is unsettled on which of her thousand story ideas she will follow next, but all she really does know is that the only thing that gives her a sense of ‘home’ throughout all of time and space is writing them.

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