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A grand Victorian house has been abandoned for decades…and so has its resident spirit, Claire...

That is, until a young man named Dorian, who loves every inch of cobweb and dust, moves into the home and finds within its decrepit remains everything he has ever needed—including the companionship of the spirit Claire. The two of them communicate through dust and music as the veil between their worlds thins in favor of Samhain.

How near to the world of the living can Claire go? How human can she become when her phantom form begins taking on the details of her once-living body? How can Dorian resist falling in love with her when her lifelike form may not last?

And what fate is there for a spirit bound to the walls of her home? Could there be anything for Claire beyond loss?

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"You were not here, not like this, just yesterday. Not even moments ago were you this real. I feel like every second you become more palpable to me, and it's more than just my perception of you. You're like the moon waxing into sight."

Escobar's A Song Beyond Walls is a brilliant novelette that explores the thinning veil between the human world and what lies beyond.

When Dorian purchases a beautiful Victorian home, he's drawn to the old world charm and history. But it's when he encounters the spirit of Claire that he finds something unexpected: love.

Equally drawn to him, Claire grows more visible and the two begin to explore their feelings. But it begs the question: how much time do they truly have?

The exquisite nature of Escobar's writing style paints a vivid depiction of a haunting tale of love. Unique, expressive and thoroughly enjoyable, A Song Beyond Walls had me turning the page in a voracious effort to finish. I highly recommend this novelette!

Piper Collins, author of Will Power

"His smile made me remember that sensation of heat again."

When two love but only one lives, the other simply existing and thriving on sensations, old and new, both the constructs of time and will are tested.
S. Escobar has provided such an entrancing tale that pulls you in and keeps you tethered to both the realm of the living and the Great Space beyond.
Much deeper than most love stories, A Song Beyond Walls is a telling of the unknown desires of the dead and the ones that live to free them, to cherish them, and to love them despite the difference of their beings.
The joining of life and death has never been more romantic.

Gillian Dowell, author of Hello Dove

There's something about the softness of the prose that lends to the easy reading of this novelette. A gothic tale that takes the "haunted house" or "ghost trapped in their haunted mansion" tropes, and doesn't so much subvert it, as it does give the idea a different angle in which to view the story.

It's not uncommon for me to complain about the length of these novellas and novelletes hindering the story, but that doesn't apply here. In fact, it's just the opposite. The length provides a structure that flows elegantly from beat to beat, chapter to chapter. Escobar does not linger on needless details, instead relishing in giving us the emotions felt -for this is very much a story that hinges on emotions, and demands that we relate to understand- between our cast of two.

It's a beautiful story, one that takes the readers through a nice capture of something sweet. Like the ghost in this house, the story lingers with us, giving us that tiny bit of hope and desire for a happy ending.

Michael Benavidez, author of When Angels Fail

What a delectable little story.
In only 55 pages, the author conveys a whirlwind of emotions for the reader to sift through. From utter loneliness to fascination and love, to despair.
Claire and Dorian had all the reason in the world to feel what they felt - their wounds of loneliness closed by the connection they felt.
I was unsure where this book would go, how it would end, but was both surprised and pleased with the way it so beautifully wrapped up.

Sabrina Voerman,

author of Red and Aesa

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