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the diary

All my youth I kept my diary locked away so no one would ever find it. 

Now you're looking at it.

Here are my crude ruminations, and they are as florid as they are futile.

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If you had been bodiless for an immeasurable amount of time, and had a form again, what is the first thing you would touch?


A grand Victorian house has been abandoned for decades…and so has its resident spirit, Claire...

That is, until a young man named Dorian, who loves every inch of cobweb and dust, moves into the home and finds within its decrepit remains everything he has ever needed—including the companionship of the spirit Claire. The two of them communicate through dust and music as the veil between their worlds thins in favor of Samhain.

How near to the world of the living can Claire go? How human can she become when her phantom form begins taking on the details of her once-living body? How can Dorian resist falling in love with her when her lifelike form may not last?


And what fate is there for a spirit bound to the walls of her home? Could there be anything for Claire beyond loss?

A Song Beyond Walls

"...the world outside was an eerie reminder of what awaited me in the house: Jack O’ Lanterns on neighbors’ porches leering at me in the dark and gauzy sheet-ghosts hanging from the old maple trees. I doubted these neighbors of mine had ever encountered a true ghost; for if they had, I was sure they would not have celebrated them in such a tawdry manner. And where did the idea to use sheets come from, anyway? Though I hadn’t necessarily sighted the ghost, myself, I knew it didn’t look like that. But there was an image in my head, which might have been purely imagination, of something far more graceful and elegant . . . more like how an angel might look."

A Song Beyond Walls

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A Song Beyond Walls

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