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Available Now: The Wistful Wild

Sometimes writers are called to projects that are just that...projects. A means for publication. It is a rare thing when a writer's project is a beautiful challenge; something that rekindles their love for the craft. Writing fairytale poetry for The Wistful Wild was that for me: an opportunity to dive into my forgotten love for both fairytales and poetry, fusing the two together with the magic, pain, and heart I have learned and suffered over the years. This 'project' has become far more than just a collection of poetry - it has become a treasure that has some of my favorite writings I've created thus far in my career. (Not to mention the writing of other authors whom I deeply admire).

If you enjoy words that burn with feminine pain and rage, or drip with sweetness, blood and tears, or play with the long-beloved stories we all have come to know from fairytales (and perhaps a few you've yet to come across), then you may come to treasure this collection as I do.

Author, Editor, and Publisher of this collection is Stephanie Ascough (my name-twin, I call her). She has done such a brilliant job curating this book. I cannot thank her enough for calling me to take part in it. As I said before, I would have never written such poems as I did, if not for this opportunity. These poems are some of my favorite work.

I dare you to dive in with us and exist for a while in these fairytales, and perhaps feel them in a new way. Think on them from a new perspective. Hold the words on your tongue and feel their weight, suckle their flavor.

And, as always, if you do, please let us authors know your experience in a book review.

Thank you so much for being here, for reading this, and for whatever else you may read,

Stephanie Escobar


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