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Introducing My New Horror Short: Where Grow the Roots

If you read my last post, you'll know that I was invited by Pyke Publishing House to write a horror short story for their upcoming anthology, Lunatic Lullabies.

You'll also know that coming up with a horror story that captured my (sensual and florid) essence as a writer was extremely difficult, but in the end, yielded what might be considered a success. (You'll have to let me know!)

So here it is, the title of my horror contribution; the story that will stand alongside writers I have only ever dreamed of sharing a TOC with: Where Grow the Roots

As it's only 5k words, I can't say too much about the plot without giving it away, but I will say it plays off of a few themes: a rural house (okay, cabin) in the forest, a newlywed couple, and something about the garden that feels...macabre....

I'm not exactly sure which subgenre of horror this would classify as, but I've been calling it my own term of Botanical Horror. It's pretty catchy, I think. But it may (MAY) classify, too, as my favorite subgenre which is folk horror.

Lunatic Lullabies releases October 21st, 2022! I know for a fact the stories by the other authors will be terrifyingly terrific. If horror is your cup of tea, then you may want to take a big sip of this. I know it won't disappoint.

Collaborating with Pyke Publishing House and working with the other authors has been such an honor, thank you all again for this opportunity!


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