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It's Release Day!

(e-book release, that is)

It was around 9pm (here, in the Pacific time zone, still the 26th, the day before my e-book launch) that I started getting notifications that my friends who had pre-ordered my book were getting them delivered to their devices! Oh my gosh, my book is out there! In the world! Able to be viewed. How unsettling...but exciting, of course. I can't help but feel like I do when I go somewhere very important, like on a plane, and feel like I've forgotten something essential: be it my pants or my passport. I worry now that I wrote my name wrong on the book, or somehow only uploaded half of it...or the wrong file altogether! And don't get me started on my bizarre fear that everyone who reads it will hate it and smear trollish reviews across my name. Oh, the joys of anxiety.

It is now 2am, six hours later, and I am still awake, trying to make sure everything is all right with my accounts. I am torn between wanting a hot cup of black coffee or an iced glass of alcohol...does that desperation for drink make me an author now?

I'm an author now...

I don't feel any differently, though. I wonder if that feeling will ever 'hit' or if I'll only continue to make excuses for myself. Right now I feel like I'm still waiting for my print release to feel 'fully published', but I'm sure after that I'll still dismiss it and say "I won't be a real author until I publish an actual novel, not just a novelette", and so on.

Regardless of what I may feel, my work is out there...and I accomplished something I worked very hard for. And strangers off the internet have access to the workings of my very heart, which is fascinating.

In case you're wondering how to order 'A Song Beyond Walls', the Kindle version of the e-book can be found here. The other platforms, like Apple, may take up to 72 hours to upload. I will supply the links here when they become available.

I know I'm a broken record here, but STAY TUNED FOR THE PRINT RELEASE DATE. I know so many of you are paper-readers like myself. Unfortunately the hardcover version has been taking its sweet time in being ready for the world.

Thank you, again, to all those who have supported me through this journey. I hope you'll stick around for many more. If you're wondering what you can do to help out this author with 0 reviews, I would be forever in your debt if you left one after reading ASBW on my Amazon or Goodreads pages!


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