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Meet the Characters

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Since this is such a small story, there are only two characters: Claire and Dorian.

(Unless you want to count the adorable kitty Umbra, which...I yeah, there's Umbra, too)

Claire is the spirit who haunts the lovely house of my romantic ghost-story (which is the main setting) and captivates the heart of the man who moves into the house thirty years after her death, Dorian.

Here is Claire's aesthetic and background:

(think rigid old dresses, lace, dusty windows that are a prison, and pianos)

Claire was raised to be meek and docile; she lived a life subservient to those around her and struggles to overcome those bonds even after her life has ended. Every once in a while, however, she will surprise you with a quick remark, proving that though her demeanor may be soft, her intelligence (and patience) is not. Claire's physical body is described as being slight, pale, and deprived. Her hair is the color of honey and her eyes rich like dessert.

And then there is Dorian:

(think messy hair, tweed, cigarettes, and typewriters)

Dorian is the disheveled gentleman who is able to attract the spirit Claire's love, despite her being long-since dissipated past all form and reason. He is charming without effort. His Dickensian past makes him wearied and humble; finding grandeur in the cobwebs and peeling wallpaper of Claire's great, abandoned house. Yet his determination to rise above factory smut makes him admirable. Being an orphan, Dorian clings readily to any hint of affection...even if that affection comes from someone beyond the grave.

These two characters are very light. Perhaps the lightest characters I've ever written. They contrast well against the theme of death and the dilapidated-dark house.

I feel the need to mention that these aesthetics were done after I had written the characters. I found images that resembled the characters and made collages of them, but by no means were the characters inspired by the images.

My title reveal will be coming next! Stay tuned


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