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My 2019 Summer To-Do List

Updated: May 19, 2020

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

This has been one of my favorite days since I was a wee lass. I love it SO much, in fact, that I'd spent a week writing a very detailed and passionate blog post about ways to celebrate the solstice, but NoOoOoooo! I had to go and accidentally delete everything. So at least I have until next year to re-write it even better. (I'm trying to be positive about it, but still there is a vein twitching in my forehead).

However, I have NOT yet managed to lose my to-do list for this summer (thanks to the reliability of old-fashioned paper), so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Some of these I've already done, like jumping a fence (ask me how that went down -___- ), visiting a brewery, catching fireflies, staying up all night and picking wildflowers, but still there's a lot to do.

I've been writing these to-do lists since I was in elementary school, ecstatic for summer vacation. Now I do them for every season! (I'm extra like that). It's crazy how much last year's list varies from this one, since last year I was living in a place full of wildlife and natural things to do around every corner. Now, here in the 'burbs', I have to get creative again; so instead of showering in waterfalls I'm going to strive to jump into a pool of some kind. (First world problems, amirite?).

Is there anything on my list you've already done this summer? Or is there something you think I should add to my summer list for next year?

Because I'm SO extra, I'm already thinking of my fall list, so shoot me a message or a comment if there's something you think I should put on it! I love new traditions.

Enjoy your first day of summer and DO SOMETHING FUN!!!


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