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Now Available for Pre-Order!

In one week, A Song Beyond Walls will be available to digital retailers in its e-book form. But if you have the Kindle app (it's free!) you can pre-order it now and have it specially delivered to you the moment it releases (OCTOBER 27th). I don't have links to the other platforms as of yet, but I will supply them as soon as I have them!

For those still waiting for the hardcover release date (which is most of you), I'm sad to say that I still don't have it...even though much progress has been made toward it. To recap: I had ordered my proof copy a few weeks ago, suspicious that it might have part of the cover cut-off; When I finally received it, my suspicions were proven to be true. So my lovely cover artist tweaked the design, I re-uploaded the file, waited (not-so) patiently for it to be approved by the distributor, and now I have to wait (not-so-patiently) for it to print and ship to my doorstep. And by the mercy of the book gods, I am hoping it will be faultless. If it is, indeed, faultless, I will approve the title for distribution then and there. And if this should all work accordingly, this may be able to be accomplished by Halloween (my original goal date).

Please send some positive publishing vibes my way


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