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The Print Version Is Here!

Better late than never, right?

For the past few months, I have been losing sleep over the print version of "A Song Beyond Walls" not being published alongside its e-book form. Without going into full-on rant-mode, I will say it was HELL working with 'certain' print-on-demand companies because everything they were sending me through the mail was laughable. (Crooked covers, uneven colors...even bent pages!) That is, until I finally caved in and decided on going with a paperback version with Amazon, and surprisingly, the experience has (so far) been excellent!

The very first paperback I was sent from Amazon was 10x better than what I had been receiving from the ~other~ company. Though there are some flaws I cannot 'unsee', I feel it's important to not obsess more than I need to. At this rate, I'll be perfecting it for years and the hype I worked so hard to create for this book will sizzle and cool before it's ever received into readers' hands. I am so fortunate to have an eager audience...I have kept them waiting far too long already!

I had intended to release the paperback this Friday the 4th, but somehow things went a bit quicker than I'd anticipated, and IT'S ACTUALLY PUBLISHED AND READY TO GO RIGHT NOW!

(here's just a teensy reminder that, if you do end up reading ASBW, please leave me a review via Amazon or Goodreads! THANK YOU!!!)


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