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Updated: May 19, 2020

Everything up to this point in our lives has led us here, to this moment.

And this moment—wherever you are, whatever you're doing—is only temporary.

It will change.

It’s unsettling as it is exciting, to know we will not always be in the same place we are in this moment: physically, financially, emotionally.

Most of us will move from the house we are currently in, and if we don’t move, then many of the pictures on the walls and the furniture will be rearranged or replaced. And so it is, too, with our families, our friends, and our bodies.

So take it all in for what it is right now, for in a year, who knows where you’ll be. What you'll have.

All the things that seem so difficult may not seem so difficult then; and likewise, we must be thankful for all the simple happinesses we have in this current moment, as they could be gone, too.

Can you think of what some of those simple happinesses are? They're all around us.

Open your eyes. Not the slightly glazed eyes you're reading this with. Find the eyes that used to watch ants on the driveway when you were a child; the eyes that See as though all else is still.

Look to your left, then to your right, and remember what you see.

Go to the mirror and look at your reflection: it’s the youngest it’ll ever be again.

Go eat a snack and enjoy your body, how it functions and how the food nourishes you.

Go smell three things, and really smell them.

I just smelled the kitchen table (pressed my nose and mouth up against it and felt the texture), my daughter’s hair (still fragrant from her bath), and my husband’s worn, work shirt. (Machine shop sweat is one of my favorite smells).

Take a deep breath, and live right now.

No, not tomorrow. There is no such thing.



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